Uniform Policy


As a Catholic Faith Community, we believe that no child should be treated differently based upon her/his dress or appearance.  The goal of the uniform policy at St. Stephen’s School is to identify our student body in the community through respectful representation. Our expectation is for the student to be neat, clean and decent.  Students are required to follow the school uniform policy and students not properly attired will be sent to the office and his/her parent(s) will be called and expected to bring in proper clothing.  The Principal reserves the right to deem whether uniform or non-uniform attire is appropriate.


Grades K-5 Uniforms:


Uniforms tops must be purchased from our uniform vendors, Anoka Sport Shack and Ink Monsters, Inc. in Anoka.  Uniform bottoms may be purchased from Anoka Sport Shack, Ink Monsters, Inc. or any retail store.

School UniformRelated Topics


Our uniform vendors are Anoka Sport Shack located at 202 East Main Street; (763) 427-7816 and Ink Monsters, Inc. located at 737 East Main Street in Anoka; (763) 757-1851.